Favoring Caution

The Hartford Courant's Matt Eagan writes about events that "don't live up to the hype," and includes the U.S. Open as his second choice.

2. The U.S. Open (Golf): Andy North is a nice man and a fine announcer, but he won three tournaments in his professional career.

Two were U.S. Opens.

The tournament doesn't exactly identify the legends.

There is poetry in the democratic foundation of our national championship. The tournament is open to any qualified golfer anywhere in the world.

Alas, the USGA annually manages to ruin things - at least for the viewers.

The shin-high rough and concrete greens favor caution and two-putts.

Heroic shots are penalized. Boldness is discouraged. Power is verboten.

What does this mean to us? ZZZZZs.