Pardon Huggan As He Pauses To Wipe A Patriotic Tear

Trump57484776.jpgJohn Huggan weighs in on the Donald's Scottish roots, oh, and the golf project he's hoping to develop.


Okay, at this stage in the proceedings, a few points need to be made. First and most obvious is the fact that Trump has yet to gain official planning permission for the project. Second, the billionaire American clearly hasn't spent much time north of Aberdeen, 'the Granite City,' in winter. It is hard to imagine anyone of significant means wishing to do so, given the harshness of the climate. And third, as my friend Derek Lawrenson, golf correspondent of the Daily Mail, sarcastically wrote the other day: "That's just what Scotland needs, another high-end golfing playground for the wealthy. As if there aren't enough of them already. Any chance of an innovative entrepreneur coming along and building golf facilities that target ­ shock, horror ­ working families?"


"As an international businessman I've enjoyed success over the years and I like to think that part of my achievement can be attributed to my Scottish roots," claimed Trump, who needs to learn nothing about massaging his audience. "For a long time I've been aware that Scottish people are fiercely proud of Scotland and that they like to help their fellow countrymen."

Pardon me, as I pause to wipe a patriotic tear from my patriotic eye.