Love Those Pro-Ams

From Davis Love's first round Wachovia press conference:

Q. I'm doing a story on Pro Ams, and obviously you play in a million of them. Do you have any kind of favorite quotes or stories of guys driving to out drive you or looking for that magic tip?

DAVIS LOVE III: No, there's always the guys trying to play really good. Somebody asked me that the other day and I couldn't come up with one but then I came up with one later, which always happens.

My brother was caddying for me at La Costa back when it had a Pro Am, and I guess it was a guy topped it and it was wet and went in front of him and then it spun back and went behind him. We said, now we've seen it all. We've seen every shot that can be hit. I've never seen one go spinning backwards.

He hit it again and hit it in the rough and then he hit it down there and he was in the first cut of the fairway, and he hit it and he topped it again, and it went straight down and he lost it. It was in the dirt. It went in the dirt so far down that we couldn't find it. We would have had to have a shovel to dig it up. It was like six or eight inches down in the mud.

Q. What's the USGA rule on that?

DAVIS LOVE III: I told him just to pick up. That's when we said maybe we haven't seen it all and we've got to keep on our toes.