"I haven't seen anybody at headquarters with Kleenex boxes"

Courtesy of AP:

 The LPGA accepted resignations from Deb Richard, senior vice president of golf; Julie Tyson, vice president of partnerships; and Liz Ausman, chief strategic officer.

Asked why she resigned, Richard paused and said, "I've lost faith in the leadership.''

Rae Evans, chair of the LPGA board, said she was not the least bit alarmed by three resignations in one day, and seven resignations over the last eight months. Others who have left the LPGA were Kathy Milthorpe, chief financial officer; Barb Trammell, senior vice president of tournament operations; Rob Neal, vice president of tournament business affairs; and Karen Durkin, chief marketing officer.

"Business is business. People come, people go,'' Evans said. "I haven't seen anybody at headquarters with Kleenex boxes.''

Such warmth and compassion. Go Duke lacrosse!

It also lost network coverage of a major when the LPGA Championship, angry about being asked to move up starting times in the final round starting in 2007, left CBS Sports for The Golf Channel.

"The knee-jerk reaction is we left a network for The Golf Channel,'' Evans said. "It's too early to tell. I probably view networks, because of the audience delivery, as the place to be. But a lot of smart people have invested in The Golf Channel. We'll see where it leads.''

Oh I think we know.