IM'ing With The Commissioners

Now that the NSA has figured out that my calls to Pakistan were all Dell support related, they've been feeding me all sorts of goodies. The latest is this Sunday night instant message exchange between the PGA Tour's Tim Finchem and the LPGA's Carolyn Bivens after the thrilling LPGA Championship finish.

twfPGATOUR©: You there Carolyn?

DaBrandLady: yes tim, just back from the trophy ceremony!

DaBrandLady: does these girls rock or what!?

DaBrandLady: and didn’t I look good next to Ronald McDonald!?!?!?! :)

twfPGATOUR©: Yes, great product today. What a shot by Se Ri.
twfPGATOUR©: Say, did you see any of the telecast?

DaBrandLady:  just a bit when I was doing some brand positioning work in the McDonald’s chalet.

DaBrandLady:  but we’ll be doing a full contextual and brand consistency white paper on the telecast this week to ensure that the brand promise was obtained. why do you ask?

twfPGATOUR©: I was wondering if there was a strike of the graphics personnel or other elements of the production staff?
twfPGATOUR©: Don’t get me wrong, the product was strong, but it just seemed to lack things like a leaderboard more than every 15 minutes or so.

DaBrandLady: that’s just Golf Channel’s effort to not interfere with our product.

DaBrandLady:  the minimalist production values make each player on the screen the real focus of the viewer, adding value for our players and player sponsors.

twfPGATOUR©: I see.

DaBrandLady: well I think they accomplished what was called for within their business model in terms of graphics and production budget, but I’ll check with Deb, wait, no with…well I’m sure someone is left in the office to help out.

twfPGATOUR©: About that, I don’t know how you do it? I have 81 Vice Presidents and I can’t imagine what I’d do if I had mass resignations like you have had.
twfPGATOUR©: Not that there’s anything wrong with spending more time with your family and pursuing other opportunities.

DaBrandLady: no, nothing wrong at all.

DaBrandLady: look, given the LPGA's incredible mix of talent, diversity and personalities, now is the time to take this organization to new heights. While we change the business model in order to better monatize our success, fans can continue to expect the very best in women's professional golf. We're committed to collaborating with all of our key constituents to create a stronger LPGA.

twfPGATOUR©: Did you just copy and paste that from your press release?

DaBrandLady: oh tim, that’s why you are going to make $28.5 million over the next four years. nothing gets by you!

twfPGATOUR©: Well, thanks. Say, anything you can pass along about TGC’s production concepts would really help as we begin a 15-year journey with them.
twfPGATOUR©: Not that I’m concerned or anything, it’s just that well…I’m always looking out for my product.

DaBrandLady: as am i! that’s why you and me are so good at what we do!!!!!

twfPGATOUR©: Congrats again on the strong positioning today.

DaBrandLady: thanks you too…great job with vijay’s win today. he's a little out of the prime demo but a solid brand.

DaBrandLady: that reminds me, do you have a contact at the villages?

twfPGATOUR©: You're not planning to retire?

DaBrandLady: oh no, i'll be in this job for decades. i just wanted to talk to them about buying some time.

twfPGATOUR©: they’ve been good partners for us in this transition year.

DaBrandLady: i know, that’s why i want their number.

twfPGATOUR©: I’ll have someone look into that for you.

DaBrandLady: thanks! gotta run, tgc's replay of the trophy ceremony starts soon and there's a bar down the street that actually carries it!

twfPGATOUR©: Give my best to...

DaBrandLady: he says hi back! bye!