Ernie's Press Conference

The lone highlight:

Q. About the golf course, first question is the way the design is, does it somewhat negate the way technology has grown in regards to how far you can hit the ball? And secondly, are the bunkers much better to be in than the rough?

ERNIE ELS: The second part, yes, definitely. If you can get to a bunker, hit it in there.

I mean, the golf course, since '97, has changed a lot. Even with the old equipment in '97 and with the changes they've made, they've made some really big changes here. I mean, I remember holes like No. 14, I was hitting a 3 wood and a 7 iron. This morning it was a driver, 4 iron. The par 5, No. 12, I was almost getting it there in '97, maybe 30, 40 yards short. And now there's just no chance. You're hitting a good drive and a good 4 iron for the layup and then a 9 iron for your third shot. They've made some major changes here.

I'm not sure if they played it like that in the 1920s. We don't know. They probably did. But I'm sure they didn't putt it on 13, 14, on the stimp.