Questions For Driver, Fay and Hyler

woods-61604-inside.jpgThe USGA's annual Executive Director/President/Championship Committee Chair media session takes place Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. when the scribblers will be fresh from their GWAA meeting convened to argue about the awards contest.

So for those that do stick around, here are a few questions to consider along with (hopefully) reader questions on the comments page of this thread (hopefully, because there were technical issues on apologies):

  • The 2002 Joint Statement of Principles warned that any "significant" increase in distance from would result in USGA/R&A action. From 2002 to 2005, the same increase in PGA Tour driving distance average has occurred as from 1999 to 2002. Is this cause for action regardless of any further study?

  • Many of the fairways here are less than 25 yards wide, including on holes with significant fairway tilt. Is there a width that you would say is too narrow for championship play, and why is it that the fairways are so much narrower than when the U.S. Open was last played here?

  • Mr. Driver, what is your stance on the Ohio Golf Association's use of a tournament ball in its Champions event this summer?

  • Mr. Hyler, is it permissible for the OGA to use this ball as part of a "condition of competition," while still playing under USGA rules for the competition?
  • Can you explain what aspects of the job of USGA President require a private jet for travel, and why the records of this travel are kept confidential?

  • As a follow up, why can't the USGA at least provide passenger lists for the trips taken to assure its members that only USGA officers are using this unnecessary privilege?

  • As a follow up to the follow up, how much money has been spent on this jet to date?

  • How has construction of the new Arnold Palmer Center progressed since the groundbreaking ceremony and when do you expect it to open?
  • If the final top 10 of this U.S. Open featured the top 10 players in the world and was won by the world's #1 ranked player, but the winning score was 20-under par, would this still be considered a successful championship?

  • For Mr. Driver: It's been nearly a year since you were announced as President, are there any specific accomplishments you are most proud of to this point, and what accomplishments are you hoping to achieve?
  • For the panel, with the usual apologies to Colbert:  Tom Meeks, great course setup man, or the greatest course setup man?