U.S. Open Reads: Early Wednesday Edition

us open icon.jpgJohn Hawkins blogs about the condition of the Winged Foot's bumpy greens, which he reports are not getting good reviews from players who don't want to talk on the record.

Lawrence Donegan looks at the brutal setup and conditions.

Dan O'Neill shares the story of how Winged Foot gave birth to the mulligan along with other anecdotes.

Lorne Rubenstein considers the dilemma posed by the 3rd hole.

Steve Elling compares Tiger and Phil after Tuesday's press conferences.

And Michael Hiestand writes about Johnny Miller's new deal, and it's obvious that Johnny wants us to know that he had an offer from CBS (take that Lanny!).

"To be totally honest, the lure of doing The Masters (on CBS) was bouncing around in my head."

And the 59-year-old Miller, who lives in Northern California and Utah, also says, "CBS doing a lot of West Coast tournaments was alluring."

And Johnny shares this wonderful imagery to compliment the NBC crew:
He likes the NBC crew: "It's a joy to work with these guys. If I have to take a pee, I know they can do without me."

Speaking of Lanny Wadkins, notice No. 3 on Jerry Tarde's May issue list of Top 5 unsolved mysteries in golf. Ouch.