U.S. Open Over/Under, Vol. 3

At this year's Nissan Open, I was walking on the 7th hole standing next to Andy North watching the leaders arrive at their balls, when a few writers walking ahead veered two club lengths away from the gallery rope to get around some photographers. Their feet might have touched the fairway! North, appalled, turned to AP writer Doug Ferguson and asked, "are those local guys."

You know, because only he and nationally recognized reporters can walk where they want.

When I got up to the green and stood with these writers--each regular golf beat guys for some of our biggest papers--I told the scribes what North said. And one immediately fired back, "the next time Andy North has an original thought, it'll be the first time."

Which got me thinking, for U.S. Open over/under #3, I say we ponder when Andy will offer an original during his ESPN telecast days and on the evening wrap up show (is it "Sportscenter at the U.S.Open"?).

Since they usually sign of around midnight on Sunday night with the final show, I'm going to set the over/under at Sunday, 11:59 p.m. Place your bets!