Furyk's First Round Comments

Jim Furyk after his opening round 70 was asked about the tiered rough:

JIM FURYK: Yeah, it seems fine. The biggest difference to me is it seems like the gallery ropes are much wider than usual, which is kind of nice in the sense that it used to be if you missed a fairway by one or two yards, you had a terrible lie, and if you missed a fairway by 15 yards you could be out there where the gallery trampled it and it would be pretty good, and that doesn't seem to be the case this week. So far I like the graduated. It seems like you get you kind of get what you deserve.
And you have to give him credit for being honest about his recent injury:
JIM FURYK: Monday I was in Philadelphia for the Exelon Invitational, it's a tournament that I host. Exelon is my sponsor. We had Adam Scott, John Daly and Sean O'Hair in for a skins game.

I was hunched over a sink after brushing my teeth. I went to take basically Aleve in the morning, and I was kind of in bad posture, kind of hunched over the sink and I kind of tossed my head back in a quick motion, and it seems that I probably pinched a disk or pinched something in my lower neck, upper back area, and when I had done that I kind of felt all the muscles on the left side of my upper back just tense up and tighten it, and it made it real difficult for me to turn head to the left.

And how about this question...

Q. The USGA mentioned that these are poa annua greens. How common is that surface on Tour? Is there anything different or special about how you read these or putt on them? Undulations aside, just the grass itself?