Tiger's First Round Comments

He has issues with the greens being too slow.

TIGER WOODS: I know the greens will be a little bit quicker. The guys were saying that it's -- we're not used to it in the U.S. Open. We just need to make the adjustment. We have plenty of time to on the putting green.

Q. Mike Davis a couple days ago said that you asked him, "When are you going to make these greens faster." Would you like to see them faster?

TIGER WOODS: You're used to playing U.S. Opens with fast greens; these aren't. With the pitch on these greens, you have to keep it on the slower side; we're just not used to being in the U.S. Open with greens this slow. If anything, the greens should have been slower last year. You have to make the adjustment. We're all playing the same golf course. You just have to understand that they're just a little bit slower than we're used to.

Q. (Inaudible) low score that could be had out there tomorrow?

TIGER WOODS: The greens are soft on some holes. Some holes are spongy and stringy. You can throw the ball in there and have it stop virtually where it landed. But in the wind hole, after three, I wasn't very happy.