U.S. Open Reads: Late Friday Edition

us open icon.jpgThe Journal News keeps up their fine coverage, first with Andrew Gross focusing on 12th hole play.

And Sam Weinman looks at the difficulty of the course, with "Massacre" comparisons already being made.

Ed Sherman also writes about the course and has this from Fred Funk:  "If [Open officials] want 7 or 8 over to win, they have proven they can do that," Furyk added. "They did it a long time ago. It would be all in the setup."

You mean, they would make it all about themselves? No, not the USGA!

Jim Salisbury warns that Tiger should be careful what he wishes for with the greens, and predicts faster surfaces for today's round.

David Barrett followed the Villegas, Hend, Holmes pairing and reports that they were kept in check by the setup, except on the 6th hole.

And from Ray Fager's Baltimore Sun column: "During Wednesday's conference call about the U.S. Open, host Dan Hicks mentioned how Phil Mickelson might have four drivers in use during the tournament and then said about his analyst partner: 'Johnny Miller has four different makeup packs.'"