Live Blog Sunday

7:28: NBC wraps things up, did a good job as always (18 was iffy), they plugged a few things, but sign off sounding dejected. I'm not. Way to go Geoff!!! You earned this win!  

7:22: You parred last salvage par, you're thinking what? Geoff: he thought Colin had made 5, not 6. He says he was thinking playoff, never thought he'd win it outright.  Costas asks about Norman in 1984. Geoff says one of his first memories of the game. He said he first came to the course for the first time a week ago Monday. Was impressed with what he saw. Costas asks about what it means to be about to become a father. Phil politely declines interview. He and Amy are watching trophy ceremony from scorecard signing area.

7:20: Walter Driver announces the U.S. Open champion, Geoff Ogilvy. Geoff thanks fans and all of the Aussie's in the crowd. He says it's a special place, tougher than he's ever see, to hang on, he doesn't have the words. Costas interview starts.

7:09: Phil doesn't do it, Johnny calls it one of the great collapses in U.S. Open history. GEOFF OGILVY IS THE U.S. OPEN CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Class guy, great name speller who has overcome all of the Gee-offs and Geolf's, and who is a great friend of the game as it should be played!!! Way to go Geoff!

7:08: Maltbie's in shock, seems to be questioning gambling nature of shot from fairway.  

7:05: What a scene, it's loud, the crowd has convened on the fairway in classic Open fashion. The light is beautiful. Phil blasts over green. Will have to make shot from buried lie in hay to win. 

7:00: Phil catches elm flush, doesn't advance it far. Roger says tough shot. He hits this one high and left in sand and buries. Ogilvy watching. NBC dejected.

6:59: Johnny laments death of precision golf. Even Hogan couldn't hit some of these fairways Johnny, come on! 

6:58: Ogilvy makes it!!! Clutch!!! +5, Phil in trees at +4. NBC doesn't sound so elated.

6:56: Maltbie reports Phil has an opening for a big slice. Johnny says he feels like he's watching Seve. 

6:55: Ogilvy hits "perfectly" (Johnny) to about 4 feet. AWESOME shot under the circumstances! 

6:51: Poulter in pink is +9. Ogilvy hits stellar shot out of divot, gets to green front top, rolls back down. Tough up and down. Phil sprays it way left off Champions tent! Johnny can't "believe he didn't hit four wood there," I can't believe the USGA could put a tent that close to play. Vijay hit it in the last group too.

6:49: Ogilvy is in divot, horrible lie. It's down to two as Monty three putts to double 18.

6:47: Monty hits lob shot way too strong. Everyone is on the 18th hole. Phil +4, Geoff +5, Monty +4 but heading to +5.

6:45: Ogilvy safely in 18 fairway at +5, may be in divot, hard to tell how the lie is. Johnny thinks it's iffy, Hicks isn't so sure. 

6:43: Monty switches clubs, says "what kind of shot is that" as it ends up short in hay. Mickelson two putts on 17 for par.  NBC is showing him looking at board so he knows where he stands. 

6:42: Koch says Ferrie has handled himself well as Ferrie screams obscenity and starts to take swing at his bag with club. 

6:40: Mickelson hits miraculous cut recovery to middle of 17 green, threading trees.  

6:38: Ogilvy chops his way around 17, chips in from the left rough for PAR!!! One to go, Phil's in the garbage can on 17...literally. David Fay is not asked for a clarification, keeping his mute status in tact.

6:33: Monty pacing on 18 tee. He asks someone to stand still. Stripes it.  Phil's in the tents on 17.

6:26: Mickelson out of hay buries badly in 16 bunker, explodes it out nicely to fringe, MONTY birdies 17!!!!! They're dancing in the streets of wherever he loves to wash his car to get his mind off those terrible things that writers write about him.

6:23: NBC logo in lower left of screen quietly has gone to color now that we are close to Sportscenter worthy highlights. 

6:21: Johnny: "The course has just pulled everyone down a little." 

6:20: Phil takes a lot of practice swings on 16, seems like more than normal, hits it into the tall stuff on 16 but ball is visible. Ogilvy has just hacked out of there, reaching the approach cut with a tough up and down, hits a great shot 3 feet short and makes key par.

6:15: Phil is heard saying his putt on 15 is not an easy two putt. Leaves first 5 feet short but just sneaks par putt in the left side.

6:12: Furyk misses birdie chance on 17, Phil still clear by two. Commercial break includes the Tiger-Earl ad. Brand moment. 

6:09: Dottie's says there's more brown grass than green between Padraig and hole, and that things are getting "toasty out here." 

6:07: Phil tries to hit silly 22 yard fairway on 15, does but ball rolls into intermediate cut, Monty hits it close on 16. Ogilvy has 30 footer on 15, just misses! He thought he had it.

6:03: Monty misses birdie putt on 15 to tie. Ferrie misses to get within 1. Phil has 2 fairways hit according to Johnny, doesn't matter as he birdies 14, leads by 2.

5:56: Furyk misses birdie putt on 16, Ogilvy's par putt on 14 goes up to edge of the hole and hops left. Harrington falls to +5. Phil hits it tight on 14 from the rough, shot of the tournament! 

5:55: Dan Hicks wins segue of the week when he says this feels like a game 7, then gets in plug for game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. 

5:53: Ogilvy hits lofted shot by 14, Johnny wonders if he shouldn't be hitting more of a wristy, "stuccato" shot. Leaves wedge shot 8 feet above hole. NBC has sent Dottie Pepper ahead to Harrington's group where he hits it onto 16 green "poorly" in Johnny's words, Dottie says lie was pretty bad.  

5:50: Ogilvy has only 123 into 14 from the intermediate cut, hits it into rough long. Harrington misses 16 green left in rough. +5 is looking better all the time. 

5:48: Mickelson bogies 13, Harrington and Ogilvy are tied for the lead again. Those three would make for one amazing play...sorry.

5:46: Monty three putts 14. His first of the week. Amazing.

5:41: Furyk leaves birdie putt on 15th 8 feet short and bogies. Ogilvy in left greenside bunker on 13 facing impossible shot hits it perfect, takes one big bounce, hits hole and ends up 2 inches away. Easy par! Phil just hit it in the same bunker.  

5:32: Ogilvy leaves third shot short of ridge on 12, stays 1 back of Phil who has wedged out of rough and is still looking for first par-5 birdie. He misses, stays 1 ahead of Harrington, Furyk, Ogilvy and Monty.

5:30: Harrington's birdie putt on 14 stay on the ground, he pulls within 1 with it. Nine are within three shots of the lead.

5:27: "Widows will go on." This Merrill Lynch ad actually works on people? 

5:25: Furyk's birdie putt on 14 rolls horribly.  

us open icon.jpg5:22: Vijay hits ugly birdie putt on 12. Ogilvy drives in left rough, Dottie says worse lie she's see all week. Aussies are chanting something in the crowd. He wedges out, has "good angle" into green according to Johnny.  Harrington hits it close on 14 with chance to get within 1.

5:17: Phil birdies 11, Koch notes that it's feeling like yesterday when Phil took charge.

5:13: Okay, hate to say it, but playoff is looking likely. 

5:08: Ogilvy hits approach to 11 in bunker, ball buries. Koch says it'll be hard to keep on green. Dottie says he's aiming left of hole, but hits it at hole, leaving 10 footer downhill.  Back on tee, Phil in play at +4 after solid par. Ogilvy mises par putt, 4 way tie for lead with Furyk, Mickelson, Monty, three one back of lead (Ferrie, Singh, Harrington).

5:04: Wind is kicking up, Furyk hits hybrid on 13. 

5:00: Furyk gets within 1 after birdie on 12, Singh birdies 11 to get within 2. It's getting interesting...finally! 

4:58: Ogilvy makes clutch two putt on 10. Now has two birdie shots. 

4:54: Blimp shot of scene on 9 and 18 shows how close tents are to 18 fairway. Remember the days when they wouldn't put corporate tents so...oh forget it. 

4:52: Phil bogies 9 from same bunker as Ogilvy, now trails by one. 

4:50: Monty makes bogey on ten after missing tee shot on right bunker face. Falls one back of Phil and Geoff. Scottish writers conceding that they are going to have to follow their man despite the heat. 

4:39: Ogilvy gets awful bounce, but in good shape in left greenside bunker instead of rough. Phil takes aggressive swipe on 9, no more cutesy stuff. Ogilvy has wet lie in 9!? Leaves it 15 feet short. Makes bogey. Johnny says it's not a good bunker shot, but a long bunker shot from a wet lie is not easy, no matter who you are.

4:32:  Ogilvy hits it left on 9 into trees and trampled down rough. Miller says he may have tree troubles. Meanwhile Monty makes par putt to stay within 1 of Ogilvy. Ferrie misses by 10 feet on 8th hole birdie putt where only one has been all day. Phil two-putts.

4:27: Phil bombs it over trees on 8, no more Mr. Nice U.S. Open obedience golf guy!  

4:23: Phil plays 5-6-7 +2, Ferrie bogies and suddenly Ogilvy has a two-shot lead pending his play on the 8th where he's in the rough short. Pepper reports a bad lie. Ogilvy hits it about 15 fee short and left of the hole, makes bogey.

4:18: Okay maybe Ferrie's a little easier rattled than we thought. A "Superman" call from the gallery gets him riled up, even though NBC clearly shows it came after impact. He and Phil hit it over No. 7 green. 

4:14: Ogilvy gets up and down on 7 after tee shot comes up just short. Ferrie makes another par, showing that he's not going away. 

4:12: Phil in bunker fronting No. 6, has tough shot, misses green. NBC times hang time of tee shot at 8 seconds. Hey, what happened to bunker cam?

4:07: Johnny compliments USGA for bringing temptation into play on No. 6. Phil pulls out driver, carries it to greenside bunker 307! 

4:06: Ogilvy lays up on 6, has 23 yards according to Pepper who says he got a big bounce. He knocks it 7 feet from the hole with a handy little bump and run. Sinks birdie putt, takes outright lead.

us open icon.jpg4:05: Monty has no three putts through 61 holes.

3:56: Phil is 141 from 5th hole, has fairway metal from ankle high stuff. Ball didn't go "three feet" according to Maltbie.  Johnny calls it a "crazy shot to try." Koch concurs. Phil pulls iron for fourth shot, safely on with long putt.  Will media ask him about it after the round!?

3:49: Monty lays up in rough on No. 6, it's ankle high rough. Phil drives in that ugly Fazio bunker on No. 5. Pitches out to rough! Ogilvy lays up, makes birdie to pull within one of Phil again.

3:48: Phil birdies No. 4 proving that it's all about hitting fairways and greens. Ferrie makes another par, Stricker holes out to pull within 3. Furyk bogies 7.

3:42: Monty birdies 5, moves to +3. Huggan must be excited!

3:38: Ferrie hits another fairway, Mickelson misses another fairway. Theme developing here? 

3:36: Johnny reports that No. 6 is playing 307, downhill.

3:30: Phil hits great 6 iron from 223 on No. 3. Ferrie makes nice two-putt, Phil misses birdie chance.

3:27: Els makes birdie on 18, finishes +13, is still limping. Ogilvy going riStriketroughght along, three pars in three holes. Looks solid.

3:24: Furyk birdies 5, Monty birdies 4, both within 3 of the lead. Phil leaves long putt short on 2, makes par, and things are getting interesting.

3:21: Dan Hicks reports it 94 degrees, one degree shy of record. 36% humidity. 

3:13: Ferrie misses 2 fairway, rips off glove, Johnny says it might be a little early to be ripping gloves off. Mickelson misses fairway too. NBC cuts to shot of boy making sand castle in East Course bunker!

3:07: Johnny says Phil is going up and over the tree, he goes under. Has wicked downhill putt for birdie, Ferrie hits it below hole. Both leave first putts way short but make pars.

3:03: Adam Scott drives 6, leaves eagle putt short, has made 3 birdies in a row to get to +7. Ogilvy two putts No. 1 for par, Poulter makes bogey.

3:01: Ferrie nails it down the middle, Phil bombs it into the trees, has great lie, uh, penalty doesn't fit crime lie-wise. Trees are in way though, so all is well.  

2:53: Rick Smith is still by Phil's side as the co-leader goes to the first tee. 

2:52: Ogilvy stripes it off No. 1 after Pouter's hook left that left him with a nice tight lie, we'll see about the view. 

2:33: Maltbie interviews Rick Smith while Rolfing goes to get a new mike. And boy was it worth it.

2:20: Johnny announces US players had better get their act together since the leaderboard is loaded with European players. 

2:18: Johnny says there are six or seven "really easy" hole locations. Tees are moved up on 6 and players are taking the bait. 

2:16: Mark Rolfing's microphone still doesn't work, Rick Smith's interview is interrupted. Dave Pelz is laughing somewhere.

2:09: Second reference to Johnny's 63. He says he thinks he was best player in the world, better than Jack at the time. Dan Hicks interrupts self love fest, wants to get back on subject of setup. Johnny seems lukewarm.

2:02: Inevitable "Massacre at Winged Foot" feature on NBC. Sandy Tatum repeats humiliate/identify line. Hale Irwin refers to self in third person.

1:43: "The Forte" is on with Bob Costas. For some reason we are talking about John Cook again today, just like yesterday. Oh, he wanted his son to play with him as a marker yesterday. Oy! The Forte mentions Ogilvy going to state dinner! I knew he had good stuff on those little cards.

1:42: Uh oh, 11 green is dying fast. Ernie just makes a birdie putt, cup is surrounded by brown grass.  

1:41: Adam Scott sets up to the ball, Johnny says its the best form in all of golf..."Tiger Woods in 2000." Zing! 

1:40: First Sunday reference to Johnny's final round 63...Dan Hicks says that's a 66 at Winged Foot this year. 

1:29: Maltbie interviews Ogilvy, he seems calm. No interesting questions asked. NBC misses the boat on asking him about recent state dinner invitation.  

1:20: Cut to Walter Driver who cracks smile after red light comes on, cut to photo op video at First Tee in Bronx, Walter takes credit for helping young man straighten out short game. Dan Hicks lobs "tough but fair" softball, says players are pleased, thanks Walter for all of his contributions to golf, Happy Father's Day, contract fulfilled. 

1:18: USGA puff piece on their grants program. Talking core values and life skills. Feel good acoustic guitar. Marty Parkes says we're nurturing that next generation of golfers, hopefully teach them about traditions of game, so that over time the "faces will change (hint, hint, multicultural), but the values will remain the same."

us open icon.jpg1:01: Dan Hicks: "Johnny if you're a player you're in the locker room getting reads on these putts." Johnny: "Good point, good point," as they cut to all of the leaders out on the putting green. 

1:01: Johnny: "Vijay is possessed by golf...but he's a good family man too!" 

1:00: Dan Hicks reminds us that Monty is 0 for 56 in majors. 

12:55: First Villages ad appearance. Enjoy the best active years of your life in The Villages! 

12:49: Johnny and Bob Murphy agree that the hole locations aren't as tough as they thought. No wind to speak of, Stephen Gangluff is -3 on his round. 

12:45: Ian Poulter arrives in all pink outfit, Golf Digest's Marty Hackel is heard to scream "Fabulous" at the top of his lungs for all in media center to hear. 

12:42: We see Villegas hit into 12, but we don't know if he hit it close in two or three. If it was his second shot, he drove it past the crosswalk. 

12:37: Phil's early arrival documented, he's got a white shirt and a yellow shirt. Dave Pelz gets first glimpse of airtime in competition with Rick Smith.

12:30: The fun begins, big loud intro, and it looks really, really hot.