The Latest On Ogilvy

Judith Coen writes about his hectic schedule in Australia while most of you probably saw this, but I'm still catching up and enjoyed Mike Clayton's thoughts on the Open.
America seems to be is a state of shock that their man Mickelson lost the tournament and Ogilvy is in danger of being known as the winner who was simply bequeathed the championship by both Mickelson and Colin Montgomerie.

Golf World, the finest golf magazine in the world has even put Mickelson on the front cover. I mean seriously, you cannot be serious. I'm willing to bet that it's the first time in history the winner hasn't graced the cover.

In Australia we are celebrating the Victorian's win and for a country of less than twenty million, a major championship is not something that comes along every day. From the fateful day at Augusta in 1996 when we realized our man, Norman was destined never to win an American major; we have been searching and hoping for our next star.