The PGA Tour Takes Care of Family Needs

Erin Bruehl shows us how the PGA Tour and Barclay's Classic do their part to ensure family values are a priority at Westchester.
Ashley Appleby and Phillipa van der Walt are very appreciative of everything the PGA Tour does to cater to players' wives and families.

And they both love coming to New York.

This week they are in town as their husbands, Stuart Appleby and Tjaart van der Walt, compete in the Barclays Classic at Westchester Country Club.

Ashley and Phillipa are two of the many wives enjoying the amenities the PGA Tour offers for families, including trips into New York City to see Broadway shows, free childcare and, specifically at Barclays for a second straight year, an on-site nail salon in the clubhouse at Westchester.

Ashley Appleby came to the salon for a late-afternoon pedicure yesterday with her mother-in-law, Ruth Appleby, and sister Kelsey Saleet.

While it is unusual for a tour event to have its own nail salon for players and their families on-site (most just recommend local places), Appleby and van der Walt are happy it is being offered at the Barclays.

"We love New York," Appleby said. "(Westchester's) so close to the city, everything is so organized (for the families). They take the kids and wives to a Broadway play, have lunch. It is really a family oriented kick-off to summer."

Last year was the first time player services offered the nail salon at Westchester. The salon offers free manicures and pedicures only to players and their families, courtesy of the PGA Tour.

During Barclays she is specifically hired by the PGA Tour's player services.

"Last year all the wives were thrilled," Clark said. "They are the nicest ladies, they were saying 'this is so great, we'll tell everybody.' (This year) some people made appointments over the Internet last month.

"It's a nice service to offer," she added. "The people are happy. Even if you had a pedicure last week, why not come in for a free one?"

The nail salon, located on the first floor of the clubhouse, opened just yesterday and will be open through the end of the tournament on Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

Players are welcome, although Clark said she has yet to have one come, this year or last.

Don't worry, Monty will play one of these years!
Even on the first day, Clark and the three other manicurists were already busy.

Van der Walt came in to have a french pedicure and manicure and is so happy with how the PGA Tour caters to the families.

"This is a treat; it is definitely special," she said of the nail salon. "(The PGA Tour is) wonderful in hospitality of the wives and just everything the tour does to make us feel comfortable."