Mechem Stepping Down From LPGA Board

This may be old news, but I don't remember seeing it in Golf World or online anywhere. Sports Business Journal's Scott Hamilton reports that former LPGA Commish Charlie Mechem is stepping down from the LPGA Board at the end of the year.

The LPGA will have another management hole to fill at the end of the year. Former LPGA Commissioner CHARLIE MECHEM’s second term on the tour’s BOD expires at the end of this year and he will step aside. Seven top executives have resigned since CAROLYN BIVENS took over as commissioner last September, including three last week (two of whom were recently hired by Bivens). There has been no change on the BOD. Mechem would not comment on the turnover and other LPGA matters, saying, “It’s really up to the chairman of the board and the commissioner to speak for the tour, not for me.” Board members are limited to three, three-year terms, meaning Mechem could have kept his position through ’09. “It’s time,” said Mechem, who was LPGA chief from 91-95. “I’ll be 76-and-a-half years old then. There’s a time when people ought to think of turning it over to younger people. I’ll remain involved, but there comes an appropriate time for others to move in.”

Thanks LPGA Fan for the tip.