IM'ing With The Commissioners II

Well my NSA sources have scored with another IM chat between Tim Finchem and Carolyn Bivens. As with the first of these IM exchanges obtained, the more recent chat provides a wonderful opportunity to better understand two of golf's most powerful leaders.

DaBrandLady: tim are you there?

twfPGATour©: Yes Carolyn. Hello.

DaBrandLady: how things?

twfPGATour©: Fine, though we hit a bit of a rough patch with some of the media reports lately on the 2007 platform shifts.

DaBrandLady: yeah i saw some of the brand hits you’ve taken. does the market research indicate any concerns?

twfPGATour©: No, all good there. Everyone is very pleased about our new alignment with BMW, the fans in particular are excited to interact with such a positive brand.
twfPGATour©: And all of my Vice Presidents are excited that they might get employee pricing on the new 7 series.

DaBrandLady: that’s wonderful. it's such a great brand.

DaBrandLady: and what about Washington D.C., we’re doing some benchmarking on a possible event there…

twfPGATour©: Solid demos, tricky permitting issues when you are trying to rebrand a golf course. Thomas Boswell is a bit of a pain, too.

DaBrandLady: speaking of rebranding, as part of the many exciting initiatives we are embarking on, i think we have something you will love

twfPGATour©: Oh?

DaBrandLady: i been reading that you love cooking

twfPGATour©:  Oh don’t believe everything Greg Norman and Sean Murphy say

DaBrandLady: not that kind of cooking silly! i meant food cooking, you know like on The Food Channel

twfPGATour©: Oh right, of course.

DaBrandLady: I was hoping you would buy some copies our new LPGA and Canyon Ranch branded cookbook

DaBrandLady: we’re leveraging the equity of both brands for charity!!!!!

twfPGATour©: That’s great Carolyn. Good for you. You know giving back is the heart of the PGA TOUR(C)
twfPGATour©: Just send a couple dozen copies over and I’ll give them out to policy boards for Christmas

DaBrandLady: oh, that's such an old demo, can’t you skew a little younger?

twfPGATour©: You know I’m always trying.

DaBrandLady: the pga tour should consider its own book cooking

DaBrandLady: I mean, book on cooking

twfPGATour©: You mean harnessing some of our young, athletic and young players?

DaBrandLady: like villegas! if i were you’d, I get him to the oscars after parties next year

twfPGATour©: Huh?

DaBrandLady: didn’t you hear about our oscars night branding?

twfPGATour©: Oh yes, yes, great idea, I’ll note that. Uh Carolyn, while I have you here...

DaBrandLady: Yes Tim?

twfPGATour©: These points standings and playoffs you have…

DaBrandLady: yes?

twfPGATour©: It’s connecting with the fans, right?

DaBrandLady: oh absolutely, you should see the hits we are getting on the desktop wallpaper download

twfPGATour©: Wallpaper?

DaBrandLady: yes, check it out:  LPGA Desktop Wallpaper

DaBrandLady: the 12-24 year olds love it. i use karrie webb in her nabisco robe for my computer desktop.

twfPGATour©: Oh I’ll check it out. Is there one for Brittany Lincicome?

DaBrandLady: oh tim, you identify with her can-do attitude, don’t you?

twfPGATour©: Yep, she’s a fighter. And I think I’m going to have to be one of this points thing doesn’t work out.

DaBrandLady: it’ll work out great tim, I know it. trust me, I have good instincts on these things

twfPGATour©: Thanks Carolyn, it’s reassuring to hear that from you.

DaBrandLady: anytime tim.

twfPGATour©: Well, goodnight Carolyn, give my best to…to...

DaBrandLady: he says hi back too! night!