Hawkins: Minus Criticism, FedEx Cup Gets No Ink

John Hawkins on his GolfDigest.com blog:

If not for a smattering of scathing criticism, last month’s “official” unveiling of the FedEx Cup format wouldn’t have gotten any attention whatsoever.
He goes on to write about Ed Sherman's recent blog post on markets the Tour is visiting and drops this Western Open stunner:
My sources tell me that Cialis, which picked up title sponsorship of the Western in 2004 after the tournament had struggled to find a successor to Advil, was eager to renew its commitment with the tour, even if it meant spending almost twice as much ($14 million) to subsidize a playoff event. Camp Ponte Vedra, however, was never crazy about aligning itself with a company that makes erectile-dysfunction pills. The tour basically told Cialis to take a hike, then courted BMW throughout the second half of 2005.

How can you turn away a major sponsor when so many other events are in need of them? Something just doesn't add up here.