Open Championship Monday Reads

openlogo.jpgNote in the lefthand column that I have posted links to Open Championship sites and information, with more to come as the week progresses. Click on the tee time link and you can see who has signed up for practice rounds. In other news...

James Corrigan reports on Tiger's early arrival.

This AP story would indicate that selecting Retief Goosen in your pool might not be the best idea.

Thanks to reader Chris for this Jeremy Watson story updating the latest whereabouts of the St. Andrews starter's house. Considering it was 122 degrees yesterday in Indio, it's a good thing that the building is still in storage.

Lawrence Donegan visits with Maurice Flitcroft, who, besides being a perfect character name for a Wodehouse story, fired 121 while trying to qualify for the 1976 Open.

Jack Nicklaus writes a guest column on his all time best players in various departments. What it has to do with the Open, I have no idea.

And Swati Pandey in the LA Times tells you more than you ever wanted to know about Penny Lane and the man it was named after.