Coffin On ShopRite

Golfweek's Jay Coffin on the ShopRite situation, which is making Tim Finchem's handling of Washington D.C. look graceful.

"The ShopRite folks have not signed a contract with the LPGA since 2001," Bivens said. "We wanted them to have the same date, and while we were negotiating with several other tournaments their date was not in play. Then, after their tournament was over, we had no indication they were going to re-sign. That's when the ShopRite date was pulled into play. We are hoping we can work something out."

ShopRite's last LPGA contract did expire in 2001, but that's the LPGA's fault, Harrison said. He contends that the event has been more than willing to sign on the dotted line for the past five years but the tour has constantly dragged its feet in expediting the process. Besides, in 21 years the ShopRite has given more than $12 million in charitable donations, with more than $1.8 going to charity last year, the highest of any LPGA event. Harrison believes those statistics entitle him to better communication from LPGA brass.

"For somebody who says they care about the LPGA, (threatening a lawsuit) is not consistent," Bivens said. "We've retained a terrific law firm, (which) has reviewed this. We wouldn't be putting the LPGA at risk if we weren't sure we have the right to do this."

Whether, or how, the situation is resolved will not diminish Harrison's distaste for Bivens.

"She has no integrity," he said. "None. And if the (LPGA) board (of directors) doesn't do something soon, the whole tour will have no integrity."