Shopping The ShopRite's Date

Michael McGarry on the LPGA's decision to give the ShopRite Classic's date away:

A South Carolina news conference today could escalate a feud between the ShopRite LPGA Classic and the LPGA.

The LPGA is expected to announce a new golf tournament at RiverTowne Country Club in Mount Pleasant, S.C., during the news conference.

Classic General Chairman Larry Harrison said Sunday night the LPGA wants the South Carolina tournament to be played the first weekend of June — the weekend the ShopRite Classic has been held the past two years.

Harrison said the Classic would sue the LPGA if its dates were given away.

“I feel like somebody punched us in the stomach,” Harrison said. “We were talking to them about a contract, and they were negotiating behind our backs with someone else. That didn't sit well with me.”

And just in case you weren't sure how ugly this was going to get:

Classic officials have had their differences with past LPGA commissioners and that is not unusual. Most LPGA tournaments at some time in their history have a dispute about dates with the LPGA. But this feud is above and beyond anything that has happened previously.

Harrison wants Bivens out as commissioner.

“It's mind boggling,” Harrison said, “why the LPGA board just doesn't cut its losses.”