Ogilvy On Hoylake Turf Conditions: "this is as fiery as any golf course I've ever seen"

From Chris Lines writing for The Advertiser:

"It's about as different as you can get (from the U.S. courses)," Ogilvy said.

"It's a lot firmer, it's probably the firmest links course we've played in a long time.

"This is as fiery as any golf course I've ever seen - it's going to be fun."

Thanks to reader Chris for the heads up on this Norman Dabell story, featuring another fun Ogilvy quote:

 U.S. Open champion Geoff Ogilvy echoed Woods's sentiments: "You'd never see a course as firm as this in the States. Their idea of firm is no mud on a ball running five yards."

Ogilvy suggested that only one third of the field of 156 would have any experience of this week's conditions.