Tiger After Round 1

On the 18th hole eagle...

TIGER WOODS: The eagle? I hit 2 iron off the tee. I hit a 4 iron into the green and I had a putt, and as I said earlier, I don't know who it was, but someone made that same putt earlier this morning. I was watching it on the telecast. It doesn't break at the end, it holds its line. I played it on the right edge. I hit it and it held its line all the way here. Normally I would have given that hole away if I hadn't seen that putt earlier in the morning.

And on the one hole he used driver on (which he hit into the adjoining fairway):

Q. Did you drive on any hole besides 16?

TIGER WOODS: No. And I really wasn't supposed to do that, either. I was trying to the entire week has been 2 iron, 3 wood off that tee. But with the wind being down today, I could fly the bunkers. It felt like it took the bunkers completely out of play, and it did.