Friday Clampett

I'd love to meet the TNT exec that said, "let's have Terry Gannon and Bobby Clampett on for extended on camera conversation and knock Alliss down to a 30 minute cameo."

Stellar stuff. Remember the old days when they'd turn it over to the BBC for an hour?

Anyway, more wisdom from TNT's color man, courtesy of their PR department...yes, they actually send this stuff out:

Clampett on Tiger Woods’ 205 yard eagle shot on the 14th hole:  “I think the Claret Jug just fell off of the table.”

Clampett on Tiger’s low round:  “It almost deflates you emotionally when you see a score posted like that.  For most of the players, it is so far out of reach that they don’t conceivably think that they can even get near that at that point.  They may even get a hot round going but it doesn’t feel like a hot round because you are so far behind.  He’s the best front runner in the history of the game.”

Clampett on Phil Mickelson’s method to improve his swing:  “What Phil’s doing there, I think we can all take a lesson from.  When you lose your swing a little bit the best way to get back into it is to go back and start doing some drills.  Start feeling what you’re working on and get it so engrained in your mind and in your feel that it becomes second nature when you get over the ball.  (Phil) is taking a lot of practice swings on the tee.”

Clampett on Phil Mickelson having to overcome an eight-stroke deficit to take the lead:  “It’s demoralizing for guys like Mickelson because he knows he’s got to play such a great round of golf to get back into contention.  If he’s not right on top of his game like he is today then it’s just demoralizing.”

Clampett on the preparation done by Phil Mickelson for major tournaments:  “When (Mickelson) has a bad major, people start saying that he over-prepared and he tried too hard.   I don’t believe there is such a thing as over-preparation.  He’s changed his preparation and started preparing harder for (majors), which has given him an edge the last two years.”

Clampett on the scores of 65 posted by Tiger Woods and Ernie Els:  “For Tiger (Woods) to go out early in the morning and post (a 65) and then Ernie to have to come out in the afternoon to face (Tiger’s score) head-on and say ‘that’s what I have to go after’ and do it, that’s a great confidence booster for Ernie.”