Cabrera's Post 3rd Round Q&A

Some fun stuff here:

Q. We've heard so much about guys playing conservatively around here; I don't believe you have. Do you still like to hit the driver here?

ANGEL CABRERA: I played a practice round with Seve and Seve said I said to Seve, "How do you play this golf course?" And Seve said, "The closer you get it to the green the more chance you have," and that's the way it's played.

Q. So you're hitting driver a lot?

ANGEL CABRERA: Whenever I can. I played iron off the tee on the 2nd, 4th and 8, and everywhere else I hit driver, except the par 3s. The last nine holes all driver.

Q. Did you like the course at first glance when you got here and have your feelings changed since you first saw it?

ANGEL CABRERA: It's a British Open golf course, special in the sense it is difficult, complicated and can come up and bite you if you don't play well. You have to execute the shots to be able to play this sort of golf course.

Q. Do you enjoy playing links golf?

ANGEL CABRERA: When I play well I like every sort of golf course.