Questions Heading Into Sunday

To simulate the conditions at Hoylake, I went to the beach with the rest of southern California to ponder Sunday's potentially epic finale to the British Open.

Unlike Winged Foot, the players are playing the course (instead--apologies to Walter Hagen--the course playing the players). Isn't it refreshing? Why can't all golf be like this? Oh that's right, low scores reflect poorly on administrators.

So here's the big question for Sunday. Do you think Tiger is not using driver because it is the right thing to do strategically, or because he simply doesn't like the way he's hitting the big stick?

It seems to me that the answer is somewhere in between, but one longtime Tiger observer insists it's strictly Tiger's lack of comfort with the driver that is keeping it in the bag. But I countered that it was hard to see anyone gaining much advantage by flogging tee shots, especially Els today.

Your thoughts on this vital issue and anything else related to Sunday?