Liverpool, Cell Phones In The Rota

Peter Dawson tells Norman Dabell that Hoylake is in.

"Royal Liverpool is now back on that rota," he said.

And more importantly, we get to enjoy more years of interrupted play because the R&A doesn't want to put people through the awfulness of being checked for oh, cameras, purple paint bombs, weapons, etc...

And I'm hoping they'll do something about the golf ball...

 Dawson also said that despite growing concern over interruptions from mobile telephones and photographers, the R&A were determined not to introduce similar security controls used at the US Masters and US Open.

Woods and his final round playing partner Sergio Garcia were continually interrupted by amateur photographers, many using mobile phone cameras, on Sunday.

Both players complained about the interruptions and the matter was raised at the R&A's media conference.

Director of Championships David Hill said they felt electronic screening of spectators before they entered the course was not a step they wanted to take.

"As it was shown at the US Open, it will mean 20-30 minute delays at the entrances. We would rather encourage people not to use cameras and mobile phones on the course," said Hill.

"Confiscation is a problem, too. Just collecting the phones and cameras afterwards can mean quite a messy situation.

Not as messy as purple paint, or God help them, something that actually does real damage.