"Another week, another Carolyn Bivens controversy"

Jay Coffin writing in Golfweek:

This time, the LPGA commissioner bailed on a July 20 Tournament Owners Association meeting at the last moment, saying she was uncomfortable with the situation. Bivens made her decision moments before she was to board an airplane heading for Denver, and she told several other LPGA staff members they were not permitted to attend. One senior staffer was at the Denver airport when Bivens made the decision, and the staff member immediately returned to the tour's Daytona Beach, Fla., headquarters.
And this is nice...
"The performance of the TOA board over the last couple of weeks is beginning to cause some serious dissection," Bivens told Golfweek July 20.
"The only way the LPGA and TOA as a group can have a relationship is if it is based on trust. I don't feel as if there has been full disclosure."

Bivens had a 2,800-word speech prepared for the TOA meeting – a copy of which was obtained by Golfweek – where she planned to set the record straight by going point-by-point through "misconceptions or differences that have been reported." The subjects included Bivens' strategic plan, the 2007 schedule, new sanction fees, tour finances and the characterization of Bivens' relationship with the TOA.

Under the latter heading, Bivens wrote, "I have repeatedly left meetings and conversations with many of you feeling energized about our future together, and comfortable that I have shared the LPGA's goals and direction in detail. Yet I turn around and read articles that depict a much different picture. This sort of public outcry does not have the LPGA or its players as the primary focus. One can only conclude there are individual agendas at work.
And she even gets all Freudian on them.
"The passive-aggressive dealings of the TOA leadership are not healthy and are not in the best interests of the LPGA and anyone associated with our organization."

You go Carolyn!