Van Sickle Looping

Gary Van Sickle is caddying this week for Andy North, which means Van Sickle will have to do double duty: loop and come up with one-liners:
I overslept due to severe jet lag, got started late and didn't get to the course until 10:10. As I hustled to the range, I noticed North was already out there hitting balls. As I walked up, he was being pulled aside by a TV crew for an interview. "I'm late," I told him. He grinned. "Can a caddie get fired on his first day? Is that possible?" he joked.

I went over to his bag to wait, took the towel over his bag and dipped it into one of the buckets of water located behind the hitting area. A good caddie always has a towel with one wet end so he can wipe down clubs and golf balls. North already had two dirty clubs from hitting balls so I spiffed them up. Just part of the job.