Mark Your Calendars: Chicken Soup For The Women Golfer's Soul Coming In 07!

Ah, the benefits of a GWAA membership...

Chicken Soup for the Soul is heading back out to the golf course and this time it’s all about women's golf!
Today's LPGA stars are building on the solid foundation made by the game's female pioneers.  It is the most exciting time for women's golf in the history of the game and we want you to be a part of it.

Chicken Soup for the Women Golfer's Soul is set to tee off in early 2007 and we want to solicit every GWAA member for your best female theme golf stories.  Here is a look at the chapters we are considering:

It's Our Time! Theme:  The changing face of women's golf

 I think that's where they'll put my ode to Carolyn Bivens.

More than a Game Theme:  Self revelation and insight

Gosh, I have so many in the portfolio to submit for that chapter.

A Game for All Generations  Theme:  Friends and Family and Life Partners
Oh okay, I added the Life Partners part to see if you were reading.
Golf is a Beautiful Walk  Theme:  Inspiration

Unforgettable Moments   Theme:  The game's ability to be a vehicle for transcendence

Joy and Sorrow   Theme:  Golf causes us to experience a full range of emotions

Tomorrow's Tee Time  Theme: Golf is a game of constant renewal, learning and unending optimism

Oh that just screams me. Or Dan Jenkins. Frank Hannigan, I know you have material for that chapter!

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen will be joined by Jeff Aubery, coauthor of multiple Chicken Soup books, including Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul and Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul, a 2nd Round.  Jeff has literally grown up in the game of golf.  Completing the foursome will be Matthew Adams.  Matthew is also a coauthor of multiple Chicken Soup books including Chicken Soup for the Soul of America and Chicken Soup for the NASCAR Soul.  Matthew is a twenty-year veteran of the golf industry and a regular on The Golf Channel in addition to being the author of Fairways of Life, Wisdom and Inspiration from the Greatest Game.

We’re looking for inspirational, true stories, 1000 words or less that will touch the souls of our readers and make them laugh, cry, sigh or just say, “Wow!”  Stories should be positive, hopeful, universal, and non-controversial. The  “point” or “message” should be evident without preaching. No essays, eulogies, commentaries, tributes, sermons, philosophical or biographical pieces will be accepted.

What about Hootie Johnson's letter to Martha Burk? Oh okay...just a thought.

Here's where we learn how the Chicken Soup authors make their money...

You may submit more than one story.  For each story selected in the book, a 50-word biography will be included about the author and a permission fee of $200 will be paid. The submission deadline is June 30, 2006.  Providing you own the copyright to your work, previously published work is Okay.

Gee, so big of them. A whopping $200 and a 50 word biography!

Please submit your story through the Chicken Soup for the Soul website at  Please be sure to select the correct book title. 

Yes, we wouldn't want your award-winning piece on Meg Mallon to end up in the highly anticipated 9th Serving of Chicken Soup For The Soul.

Due to the volume of stories we receive, we are unable to respond to each contribution. Finalist, only, will be notified prior to publication. Thank you for being apart of what will surely be the most important book for women's golf ever published!

Until I put the finishing touches on my own book of heartwarming essays, Inspirational Stories from The Forward Tees, featuring a Foreword by Linda Hartough and an Afterword by Carolyn Bivens.