Where Was Johnny?

Johnny Miller was noticeably absent from Monday's U.S. Women's Open playoff coverage.

Now, I know it probably has to do with some contractual nonsense about only appearing on the network. But it was much nicer with Dottie Pepper, and without his references to the "sprinkler system" or that beautiful lush green grass in the Newport fairways.

Still, I have to wonder, was Johnny...

A) At Newport begging Dick Ebersol to let him out of his contract so that he could work the playoff?

B) Doing a previously scheduled Monday outing making some extra cast to offset his low NBC wages?

B) At Prairie Dunes advance scouting Dave Axland and Stan George's recent bunker work?

C) At Golf Digest headquarters in Wilton working with Guy Yocom on his September column?

D) In a Town Car en route to Logan to catch a flight home to California?

Yep, the answer is probably (D).