Bivens: Some departed before she even took over!

The Golf Channel's tough questioning of Carolyn Bivens did not quite live up to say, the Ely-Fay debate on the ERC driver (back in the last century when David Fay was concerned about the distance issue!), but did yield this curious question and answer from the LPGA Tour Commissioner: 

BRANDEL CHAMBLEE: Your brief tenure has been plagued by some resignations and at least one dispatch of Barb Trammell. I'm just wondering if you can elaborate a bit about what happened in some of those cases.

CAROLYN BIVENS: Well, first of all, as we all know who work in business, you can't talk about private personnel and human relations issues. So, not going to get into any individual situations. But I will say that any time an administration changes, any time there is change from the top, there will be some who will leave for a variety of reasons. And in some cases it may not be that they have something against the person who is coming in. It may simply be that they've been through a number of changes as different commissioners have come to the organization and they don't want to go through it again. In some cases it may be a disagreement with the direction its headed, and in some cases it's better opportunities. Some of the--I would consider unfair criticism--several of those people left before I even had a chance to make any impact or actually took over the organization.

Uh huh.