Getting To K Club Sounds Fun

Lawrence Donegan reporting from the K Club, site of this week's European Tour event and this fall's Ryder Cup:

As malapropisms go, the one uttered this week by Richard Hills was a little too close to the truth for comfort. "I fully expect roadworks to be in place," the Ryder Cup director announced when asked if work on the access routes into the K Club will be completed in time for the start of the big event in 10 weeks' time.

Less than a mile away the bulldozers were backed up on the road from Maynooth as the workmen sheltered from the rain. Work was over in the afternoon. Still, the media tent transcribers were busy. When Hills' words were finally regurgitated for public consumption they had been "tidied up" to read "We are confident that the roads will be ready."

He goes on to explain why most of us will be quite content to watch this one on television.