Huggan On Doak

John Huggan visits with Tom Doak and chats about his latest project in Scotland. Thanks to reader Mark for the heads up. This was interesting...

"I really try to ignore the advances in equipment when it comes to my work. The truth is that it has no effect on the vast majority of golfers. If you are more than say 10-handicap, the new clubs and balls have made little or no difference to your game. Your technique isn't good enough or your swing fast enough to derive any real benefit.

"Then again, if you spent every weekend watching the tour players, you'd be convinced everyone hits the ball 350 yards, and that par-4s need to be almost 600 yards long to make them hit more than a mid-iron into greens. That's not 99.9% of the golf business. But, unfortunately, a lot of my clients watch television and they think that, should the tour players come to their course, they want Tiger Woods to respect it."