"Almost unbecoming of a professional"

Erik Leijon in the Montreal Mirror interviews John Daly about his new wine label and his book. This is beautiful:

M: When your book came out, the PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem talked to you. What did he say?

JD: Well, it was just one of those things that went back and forth. HarperCollins wanted everything [about Daly’s drinking, gambling etc.], in which the facts are right, and the PGA tour didn’t, so it went back and forth eight or nine times. Tim Finchem said, “This is almost unbecoming of a professional.” I said, “My life is unbecoming of a professional, Tim.” And he said, “Well it wasn’t like the Tour was going to sell it,” but next thing you know it’s in the display of every PGA Tour store, so he must be okay with it.