PGA Clippings, Tuesday Edition

2006pgachamplogo.gifYou can read a general preview story touting, "Glory's Last Shot," which the PGA of America slogan committee picked over "Golf's Fourth Major" and "It's A Major, Unlike The Players."

Golf World's Tim Rosaforte says the PGA is better than ever, citing the media's embrace of it as one of his key points. It clearly is the best major that won't budge on tee times just to give a 60 Minutes re-run a strong lead-in.

Ron Whitten looks at the various incarnations of Medinah's 17th, none of which were lousy enough to keep the course out of Golf Digest' s Top 25 in America.

Whitten also writes about the club's early history and the shady fellows who founded it, with help from Medinah club history author Tim Cronin. And best of all, Whitten gets out of having to review the course in detail.

Mark Garrod considers what it'll take for Tom Lehman to play on the Ryder Cup team (a win this week).

Chris Starkjohann has withdrawn for personal reasonsm, messing up pool picks across the land. Actually, it's to play in the Champions Tour event in Seattle(!?). Harrison Frazer Frazar gets his spot, reducing the field by one club pro.

SI's Alan Shipnuck returns to his online roots and answers reader hate mail about his Ryder Cup picks, Tiger and his Hoylake coverage.

Doug Ferguson examines Medinah's record length and asks players if it's really playing that long.

Arron Oberholser, who has average length off the tee, played the back nine and it was about all he could handle.

"It felt like 4,000 yards," Oberholser said.

He was close - the back nine measures only 3,822 yards.

"I wonder if they're trying to do that?" he continued, alluding to the PGA Championship having the longest major championship course three times since 1999. "If they are trying, they have accomplished it quite magnificently."

And this from Furyk...

"It's kind of like moving to a new neighborhood where everybody wants to build a bigger house than the last guy who built one," Jim Furyk said. "Eight thousand? It will happen someday. I'll be long gone and retired. I have a feeling they will probably tone things back probably quicker than we'll get to 8,000 yards. But I would never rule it out."

Golf World's John Hawkins profiles Geoff Ogilvy, but doesn't let Ogilvy do enough talking.

And finally, Golfonline is offering the chance to mail in questions to Ogilvy. I think you can do better than the first three samplers they provided, which hopefully won't be asked:

-Do you feel indebted to Phil Mickelson?

-Have you paid for a meal since June?
-How do you keep your pants so clean?