Notes From TNT's Coverage...Day 1

Poor Bobby Clampett barely got to stick his foot in his mouth today thanks to the rotating announcer setup. Though I did catch where he's added the dreaded "right in front of you" cliche to his repertoire. Only Clampett was describing Medinah's greens, not the views from the tee.

Anyway, courtesy of the PR folks from TNT, the "highlights" from day one's announcing.

Kostis on the threesome of Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Geoff Ogilvy: “The quiet third man in this marquee pairing, Geoff Ogilvy from Australia, is playing the part of Switzerland in this group today.”

He missed his calling!

Feherty seemed to be in a particularly good mood.

Feherty on Jason Gore:  “Jason (Gore) is priceless.  He was wearing a coat and tie at a PGA function that I helped host at Pebble Beach earlier this year, and I’ve never seen anyone look more uncomfortable.  (Wearing) a black tie and a black coat, he looked like Tony Soprano forced to be at the opera.”

Feherty on the outfit worn by Jesper Parnevik: “You need two things to dress that way, you need a sense of humor and you need a great golf game.  You don’t want to go out there in that and shoot an 85.  It’s like a Swedish George Lopez.”

And now, what you've all been waiting for, the lone pearl from Clampett.

Clampett on Sergio Garcia's preparation: “I had a chance to walk with Sergio (Garcia) in the practice round the day before the British Open at Hoylake.  The thing that impressed me about Sergio was his intensity in the practice round.  He was going about it as if he was playing in the final round of the Championship.”

Hmmmph. Brilliant.