Ogilvy's Post 1st Round PGA Press Conference

On his pairing with Woods and Mickelson:

GEOFF OGILVY: If I didn't know any of the back story, would I have said they were two normal guys who like each other just like any other two guys out on Tour. The dynamic was exactly like probably in every group this morning. There's a bit of tension in the first round of a major, everyone's pretty serious, probably not quite as much chat as there is at the Pebble Beach Pro Am. But it was just normal. I mean, you would never know you wouldn't think they are the best of friends but you wouldn't think they didn't like each other, either, which is normal. First rounds of majors, I mean, any rounds of majors is not the most conversation going on between everyone anyway. So, I mean, it was normal.


Q. Can you talk a little bit about the reception that you got today? It seemed, and I don't know, how did it feel, it seemed like it seemed like people were trying to be mindful of when you were putting last. For instance, on some of the first few holes, I would hear, "Poor Geoff, if he keeps putting last, people are going to keep walking." But then it seemed like you would get just as much of a reception after great shots or good putts. Did you expect that, and I guess how did that feel compared?

GEOFF OGILVY: You kind of want to not have downhill left to right three foot putts and to have been last one on the green. You want to be in the hole before they are in the hole.

It was pretty respectful out there. It didn't matter who was hitting it. They were all they were as nice to me as they were to those two guys. No one was running off any more on me than they were on anyone else, you know what I mean? That was fine. I expected it might have been a bit like that, but it wasn't at all. I mean, if I had a putt, they all hung around and watched. There was a few "Go Geoffs" in there, and there was a few "Go Phils" and "Go Tigers," but a few "Go Geoffs." One "Go Joe." (Ogilvie) I felt right at home with that, that was good.