Love's Post 2nd Round PGA Press Conference

Davis Love after posting 137 for two rounds.

Q. I know you'd like to win any of the other three majors, but you've always had a special affinity to the PGA Championship. Could you speak to that?

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, I've always enjoyed it. I think in my 20 years of playing, this has become a tournament that the players enjoy more maybe than some of the other majors just because of the way they set the golf course up, and the approach of the PGA of America. They've really made an effort just because they were the fourth one of the year, they've always been somewhat thought of as the last one or not the best one. You know, they've made a major no pun intended effort in golf courses, in setup. I think Kerry Haigh does an incredibly good job. They're not afraid of red numbers, and I think some of the other people that are setting up golf courses are afraid of red numbers, and therefore it makes it not as good a championship.

THE PLAYERS Championship has gone a little bit in that direction a couple times, getting afraid of it. So I think we're going to move back in the direction of setting up the golf course like this and letting the players play. If a guy is playing great, let him be 7 under through 10. If he hits a bad shot and screws up, he's going to make a triple. I think that's the way it ought to be. I don't think you should have a ten footer for par every hole. I think they do a good job here. Obviously the history of my father and him playing in the Championship and it being important to him has certainly made it important to me.

Love how the ASAP person got THE PLAYERS in caps.