Notes From TNT's Coverage...Day 2

Down on your job? Just remember, you could be the poor soul who has to sit through six hours of TNT coverage in search of memorable Bobby Clampett commentary.

And for what? To send to snarky writers, most of whom delete before even opening the email. But not this optimistic soul.

Notes from TNT’s Coverage of Round Two of the 2006 PGA Championship
August 18, 2006

Clampett on a possible match-up between Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods in the final round of the PGA Championship: “You almost get the sense, as they shot 69 yesterday, that we might have another Nicklaus-Watson duo of Turnberry.  It’s a little early to call that, but you just get that feeling.”

You didn't believe me when I posted about this earlier, did you? They left out the part where Kostis questions his sanity.

Clampett on Phil Mickelson's recent struggles:  “It’s been frustrating for Phil because he feels that his practice has gone very well, he just hasn’t been executing in the competitions.”

 Take that Henry Longhurst!

Wadkins on Tiger Woods’ shot on hole #1 in which a member of the gallery reached up and stopped his shot from going further off the fairway into the rough:  “Since it was an intentional deflection an official could have estimated where that ball would have ended up and Tiger should have dropped it and played from that spot.  Tiger, nor anyone in his group, knew that was an intentional deflection so there is no penalty involved.  Since the hole has been played and completed, they will continue on and it’s a non-factor.  Had there been a rules official there that had seen that, they might have moved Tiger’s ball further in the woods making the pitch out even tougher.  But there is no fault or error on Tiger’s part whatsoever.”

Hey, Lanny didn't come up with that on his own. Some mysterious PGA rules expert alerted them to this.

Kostis on international players attending American colleges: “People talk about our college programs in America not producing many good, young golfers.  They do, it’s just that their names are (europeans) Luke Donald, Tim Clarke, Paul Casey.”

Well, let's be fair. Casey's success comes from having a great teacher in Butch Harmon. Wait, no, it's Haney. No it's Utley, that's it!