Live Blog Saturday, PGA

2006pgachamplogo.gifI'm here and recovering from the morning antics of Lundquist, Clampett and Kratzert. I won't bother to start on Kratzert's claim that since the ball is flying longer and straighter, "you have to do something," referring to narrowing fairways.

11:07 - It's a beautiful day in Chicago. Hazy, muggy and wet. CBS reports that 27 players are within 3 shots of the lead.

11:11 - Jim Nantz asks Lanny "who cares" that there are so many red numbers and you have such a great leaderboard. Amen.

11:15 - After Garcia makes birdie, Oosty reports that 20 birdies have been made on No. 2 and it's averaging 2.7. 

11:16 - Oosty reports hole location on No. 11 is 6 feet from back of green, one of the "closest he's ever seen" to the back of a green.(Listed as 21 back and 4 from the left edge on the pin sheet.)

11:34 - Oosty reports over an inch of rain overnight, but notes how smooth the greens are rolling. 7 tied for the lead. 

11:36 - Tiger drains 30 footer on No. 1 for par, still hasn't made a bogey since his opening hole Thursday.

11:45 - Tiger hits 8 iron 196 yards on No. 2, makes birdie. 

11:48 - Ogilvy doubles No. 1 from the center of the fairway. 

11:54 - Loves holes out for birdie from the sand on No. 2 the 24th birdie there! Ten are tied for the lead.

12:00 - Ten tied for the lead are: Woods, Mickelson, Garcia, Love, Toms, DiMarco, Donald, Herron, Andrade, Stenson! 

12:07 - Donald birdies No. 2...the par-2! 

12:15 - Donald birdies No. 3, leads by two at -10. 

12:26 - Contractually obligated interview with Roger Warren, very exciting stuff. Jim thanks Warren for "all of the integrity that comes out of your organization."

12:32 - Davis holes out for second time today on No. 5, this time for birdie. "Maybe he knew what he was doing when he chunked it into the bunker," says Nantz. Oy. Lanny: "they don't put pictures on the scorecard Jim." Double oy.

12:53 - Micheel moves to -10 with birdie on No. 8, within one of Donald's lead.  Hey, where's Bobby Clampett? I haven't heard him once as I catch up on TiVo. What's the point of live blogging if I don't have him to make fun of?

12:58: Donald -11, Tiger, Weir and Micheel -10 

1:01 - Donald birdies No. 6, has 7 putts through 6 holes. Time for first Sandy Tatum commercial with old rich white man talking down to multicultural children about life. What a campaign.

1:19 - Tiger shoots 32, Micheel 30 on the front nine. Wait, I hear Clampett! All is right with the world.

1:31 - Lanny: "What is it about the PGA that brings out the best in Shaun Micheel." Oak Hill members are still asking that question.  

1:33: Sergio and Phil make birdies to get to -9. 

1:34: Donald chips in on No. 9, shoots 31, goes to -13.  

1:36 - Tiger drains 10-footer for par on 10, continues to struggle with that par-5 though. Weir birdies 14, goes to 7-under on the day.

1:47: Weir hits it tight on 15 out of fairway bunker, moves to 8 under on the round and has a shot at the course record. CBS reminds us of his final round 80 in '99 at Medinah. 

2:06 - Isn't it interesting that as the pace slows down (Kostis says they are waiting on every shot on the back nine), the momentum of the telecast and play slows...or maybe it's just time for my afternoon siesta? 

2:23 - Tiger birdies 13...the field is starting to separate finally. 

2:34 - Sergio tap in birdie gets him to -10. Only Tiger, Donald, Ogilvy, Weir and Micheel are ahead of him... 

2:37 - Tiger gets up and down on 14 for birdie, ties Donald for the lead.  

2:42 - Tiger is in a divot on 15. Clampett suspects he'll catch the shot on the "second groove." Tiger sticks it 3 feet from the hole. Makes birdie, is 14 under and 7 under on the round. Third birdie in a row.

3:10 - I'm awake after a brief depature. Woods and Riley walk from 17 tee to green talking. Nantz astutely notes that Tiger's eyes never move while Riley turns his head to talk to Woods. Riley looks like an eager pro-am partner trying to get in a few words with his player. 

3:13 - Tiger drains birdie putt on 17 after three-putt on 16, regains lead, birdie on 18 will break course record.

3:25 - Tiger nearly drains a long one on 18 for birdie, settles for 65 and -14 under finish, which is about to be tied by Luke Donald who sticks it on 17. 

3:32 - Bill Macatee interviews Tiger after his 65. Where is Peter Kostis. Tiger says it doesn't "feel like a major, in a sense" because of the scoring. 

3:54 - Just when we had made it through the entire day with a solid, clean, no-nonsense announce effort, Jim Nantz says that Luke Donald is "artistically, the most gifted guy out here on Tour." Okay fine, but then, "And tomorrow let's see what he can draw up here with Medinah as his canvas." And then Lanny, piling on top of the metaphor, "Let's see if he can paint himself a pretty picture. And hopefully he won't paint himself into a corner."