Low Scores A Wake Up Call?

Readers of the Future of Golf or this site know that I'm not a fan of gauging a tournament's success based on the winning score when so many elements are in play (weather, conditioning, etc...).

And it's particularly annoying when the course setup is so obviously being used to create a "respectable" final tally, whatever that is.

However, the record scoring at Medinah and the 60 fired Monday at the U.S. Amateur are bound to turn some heads.

Or at least quiet those who have declared that scoring hasn't changed, so all is well in the world of golf.

So will action on the distance issue only come about because of record low scoring?  

I guess it's wishful thinking on my part that people would wake up based on the costly impact on the everyday game or the death of strategic architecture or the emerging drug issues. Maybe low scoring will shame the governing bodies and Tours into action.