Turning Stone To Host Event

The news that upstate New York's Turning Stone--the last minute fill-in site for B.C. Open host En-Joie--has to raise some concerns about the post-FedEx Cup portion of next year's schedule.

After all, it's August and the schedule is still unsettled.

Also, the PGA Tour is creating another new event at a course that fell into its lap after the successful PGA Club Pro Championship. Meaning that this has come together in a very short amount of time.

So, why is it that several long time events are going and being replaced by new events? (Is this being done because the PGA Tour wants only events structured a certain way)?

And is the unsettled "Fall Finish" situation the reason that the FedEx Cup "playoffs" feature 144 players, instead of a more plausible number like 100 or 70?