PGA Numbers

Some of you might interested in this press release from TNT, which shares quite a bit of information about their web traffic during last week's PGA. I'm sparing you the quotes about platforming., with help from TNT and the PGA of America, and a promotional push from Time Warner family members CNN, and AOL (America Online), recorded a significant 18 percent boost in total page views during the four days of tournament coverage over the previous year (2006: 49,776,993; 2005: 42,220,173), setting a single-day traffic record of more than 16 million page views (16,207,181) for Friday’s second round coverage. The tournament also brought over two million unique users (2,052,205) to the site from Thursday through Sunday. Pipeline registered nearly one million video streams (968,478) from Thursday’s launch until the tournament’s conclusion on Sunday.

TNT also enjoyed success for its broadcast coverage, seeing a four percent increase for its 18 hours of coverage (Thursday and Friday 2 - 8 pm ET; Saturday and Sunday 11 am – 2 pm). The network averaging a 1.5 US rating for its four days of coverage, versus 1.4 in 2005, and also enjoyed a four percent growth in home delivery (2006: 1,676,000; 2005: 1,604,000). TNT also saw an increase in key demos with Persons 25-54 up six percent (2006: 694,000;  2005:657,000) and Men 25-54 up eight percent (2006: 507,000;  2005: 471,000), respectively.