Champions In Charity, Champions As People

I just got around to reading Charles McGrath's NY Times "PLAY" magazine story on the Senior Champions Tour.

Loved this:

In 2003, the tour hired a new commissioner, Rick George, who is extremely fluent in the language of contemporary corporate sportsspeak. It was George, for example, who supervised the “rebranding” of the tour’s name, and when I suggested that must have been because “senior” bore an unfortunate whiff of geezerdom, he corrected me. “The new brand gives us more platforms to promote what we do,” he said. “Our players are champions as golfers, champions in charity, champions as people.” George has worked mightily to increase the number of corporate sponsorships, the lifeblood of a golf tour, and now says, “We feel like we’re the best business-to-business marketing opportunity in all of sport.”