Huggan On Various Subjects

John Huggan tackles a variety of topics in his Sunday column, including Medinah vs. Royal Liverpool.

Speaking as someone who, even after repeated circuits of the premises, is having a hard time remembering every hole at Medinah, the question remains: was this month's USPGA Championship venue a success or not? In other words, was the year's last major the Greater Hartford Open in disguise? Or did the 'hit-and-stick' stuff on display really double as a highly-entertaining example of modern golf at its tip-top best?
And his conclusion... 
What really matters is how the scores are compiled. So, while the winning totals at Hoylake and Medinah were similar, it must be said that our Open was much the more interesting to watch and, no doubt, to play. Where most of the holes at Royal Liverpool could be negotiated in as many as three or four different ways, at Medinah there was only one. Give it five out of ten for effort.

Of course, Medinah looks like St. Andrews compared to Firestone, which set up a quality 30 minute nap for me today. Wow is that architecture at its most banal.