Ponte Vedra Nights?

In case you've missed Will Ferrell's efforts to plug his latest movie, Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, I've embedded a preview of the film below. I share this not because I'm rushing out to see the uh, film, but because this Jim Peltz L.A. Times story from last week noted how NASCAR has supported the film about the white trash driver and other bold tie-ins that have promoted their uh, gulp, "product."

Can you imagine the PGA Tour cooperating with Ferrell on a film that pokes fun at the players. Say, Ponte Vedra Nights: The Ballad of Tim Bland?

The Tour understandably works hard to protect the image of their players, perhaps too much so. If such an opportunity presented itself, even if it meant poking fun at themselves, would the Tour cooperate on such a film? Should they?

I say yes, simply because the humor of golf has long been an important element of the game that often seems absent today, especially when it comes to the PGA Tour. Thoughts?