Monty Does It Again!

Lawrence Donegan reports on Colin Montgomerie's latest architectural triumph.

Colin Montgomerie, who blew his chance of winning his first major championship when he double-bogeyed the 18th hole on the last day of the US Open this summer, has come up with a solution for golfers who have trouble coping with the pressure of playing the last: a course with an extra hole.
Normally they would play the 1st or 18th again to reach a result. At Rowallan they will be able to play what the Scot calls the "money hole".
Key word there: Scots.

And now for the uh, money quote... 
"We just thought, why not? The 19th is the stuff of golfing legend," he said. "It was time to make it a reality. When players finish their round they will be able to come in, have a drink and check their scores. And if there's anything still to settle they can go back out and play the money hole."

These player architects are so innovative! Always on the cutting edge.