Without Special Access...

Here is the San Diego Union Tribune's Nick Canepa on Phil's latest photo op charitable foundation event.

Meanwhile, thanks to reader Chuck for the head's up on the latest infomercial debuting Saturday on CBS, and hopefully not coming to a DVD anytime soon. From PGATour.com:

Humble in nature and quick to deflect praise and attention, Mickelson himself would point to the personal and professional support network that has helped him achieve his lofty status. “The People’s Champion” will talk with each of the people who have played such a pivotal role in his success story.

Amy Mickelson. Phil’s dedication to his game is perhaps equaled only by the dedication to their charitable foundation. We’ll find out where their energies have been most pointedly directed and which charities the foundation will target throughout 2006.

Rick Smith and Dave Pelz. Both of these men have helped shape the game that has developed into the most complete on the PGA TOUR. We’ll watch one of their many practice sessions and study the unique approach to refining Phil’s world class skills.

We'll also see the two legendary teachers fight for the co-pilot's seat when Phil takes the wheel of his jet as cameras roll.
Just making sure you were still reading.
Jim McKay. Balancing the dynamics of a relationship that is both personal and professional is never easy. No one can argue with these results. “Bones” has been by Phil’s side for 15 years, sharing the joy and the pain. We’ll watch and listen as they work together in their office; the range.

Steve Loy. Phil’s former golf coach at Arizona State was on the bag in Tucson in 1991; the first of 29 PGA TOUR victories. He’ll offer a first hand account of the two-decade progression from college freshman to two-time Masters champion, and for the first time ever, will take off his sunglasses as cameras roll.

Again, just wanted to see if you were reading. Because now you have to read carefully. 

Without any special access, “The People’s Champion” will also document, in a behind-the-scenes style, the week of the U.S. Open as Mickelson chases his third consecutive major championship at Winged Foot Golf Club amid the electrified atmosphere that can only be generated by his passionate New York fans.

That's right, they are touting the fact that they did NOT get special access! Gee, makes you just want to run to the TiVo!

Interspersed within the show will also be footage and interviews already gathered, describing Phil’s introduction to the game in Southern California. We’ll hear stories from Phil, his dad and those in the San Diego area who saw his enormous potential at a very young age.

Produced by PGA TOUR Productions, “Phil Mickelson, The People’s Champion” airs Sat., Aug. 12 at 1:30 p.m. ET on CBS Sports.

See, the PGA Tour doesn't consult Mark Steinberg on everything they do.