"Typically golfers are skeptical that a supplement can effectively improve their golf score..."

Well, it looks like the golf writers of America can't claim they haven't heard of golf performance enhancing drugs vitamins:

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RE: Tests Show Panovil Supplement Improved Scores For Golfers

Tests Show Panovil Supplement Improved Scores For Golfers

LAS VEGAS, NV -(September 12, 2006)- Recently released tests show a large group of golfers experienced dramatically improved scores after regularly taking Panovil Supplement.  "These were double-blind clinical trials conducted with 18 to 77 year-old golfers over a period of many years.  The results are astounding," says Panovil distributor Gus Skarlis.

More than 86% of those in the study shot lower (better) golf scores. Even more impressive, 78% lowered their scores on the more difficult and important Back Nine.

"Clearly Panovil gives just about any golfer a big advantage, wether they're just playing for fun or involved in competition," Skarlis said.

Panovil is a proprietary blend of natural herbs and plant extracts that encourages Herbal Invitro Cell Cultivation and Extraction Concentration.  These processes in the body are specifically designed to give golfers improved performance.

"Back in the 80s when this science first came out, Panovil tablets would have cost $18,000 and were only used by the ultra-wealthy.  But thanks to recent advancements, this remarkable advantage is available to golfers at everyday affordable prices," Skarlis said.

Panovil currently comes in a 5 round supply, 10 round supply, and 20 round supply and costs as little as $13.99 per round.  Order Panovil from the web site at http://www.Panovil.com.

Typically golfers are skeptical that a supplement can effectivel improve their golf score, but are soon won over after trying the product.  "Most golfers understand how lessons with a pro or a set of better clubs can lower their score.  So the idea of simply taking a tablet to win your next round is a new and exciting concept," Skarlis said.

Panovil is completely natural and safe.  The herbal blend causes none of the side-effects that harsh prescription drugs often create.

Panovil comes with a complete money-back guarantee.  "If you try Panovil and don't see an improvement in your golf score, we'll refund your money no questions asked," Skarlis said.